Thin Film Multilayer Process based on Liquid Polyimide

Our semi additive Thin Film manufacturing process is the basis for all our products. As dielectric material we use liquid polyimide which is added to the substrates in a spinning process. We are working with square substrates from different materials like ceramic, glass or metal. Our standard substrate sizes are 4”, 6”, 12” and 24”.


HiCoFlex® technology, our innovative ultra-thin flexible high density multilayer printed circuit solution

Resistor Networks

High precision Ni-Cr thin film resistor networks with very high temperature stability.


Multilayer substrates are manufactured by thin film additive techniques and therefore possess a very high interconnection density.

The HiCoFlex® products consist of multilayer circuits and interconnection cables. The characteristics are a remarkable flexibility and connection density. A HiCoFlex® circuit can be handled like a rigid one during all fabrication processes. The flexible circuit is attached to a rigid substrate during the fabrication and will be detached at the end of all production steps. This means that you benefit from the same fabrication quality and you can use the same production line as for rigid circuits.

The secret of the HiCoFlex® products is hidden in a customized polyimide and in a separation layer. This polyimide withstands temperatures up to 350 °C and the films can even be folded. The separation layer plays one of the key roles in the manufacturing of HiCoFlex® products. This layer is deposited on the substrate on which the circuit will be fabricated. At the end of the fabrication (including testing) the separation layer will guarantee the detachment of the flexible circuit from the supporting substrate.


Our multilayer substrates are manufactured by thin film additive techniques and therefore possess a very high interconnection density. Up to 4 layers can be produced on different types of ceramic substrates. The conductor lines consist of Cu / Ni (/Au). Polyimide layers isolate the different metallization layers. Another feature of our MCM is the possibility to integrate high precision NiCr resistors. Of course, Hightec MC can also make all the necessary assembly and test steps in order to deliver the complete circuit you need.

Resistor Networks

We produce resistor networks according to customer’s specifications. The Ni-Cr thin film used as resistor material allows both, highest precision and lowest temperature drift.

The resistor networks are recalibrated very exactly using a laser trim process, such relative exactness of 1‰ is achieved.