We are proud of our history

2018 First Cryogenic multilayer supra conductive HiCoFlex® cables

2014 HiCoFlex® with double-sided metallization

2013 First combined HiCoFlex® & Hybrid sensor solutions

2012 First Cryogenic and first supra conductive HiCoFlex® cables

2011 HiCoFlex® serial production on 24″ glass panels

2010 First HiCoFlex® prototypes on 24″ glass panels 

2009 Completion of the 24-inch HiCoFlex® production line.

1992 Foundation of Hightec MC AG as an independent company.

1991 Lenzburg Plant united former
          – Thin Film Division Lenzburg and
          – Oerlikon Contraves Thin Film Division Zürich.

1989 BBC/ABB Thin Film Division Lenzburg sold to Oerlikon-Contraves.

1979 Thin film production on 4″ ceramic panels under BBC (today ABB)