HiCoFlex Long Micro Cables

Catheder applications and endoscopes need long micro cables. Microtechnical solutions together with HiCoFlex® technology offered by HighTec and accumulated know how of decades in the field of accuracy in assembly of sensitive sensor components combine for this application unique solutions, as well, which enable our customers always to have competitive advantage.

Such highly flexible and robust connection cables have in our customer’s applications typical length of 1.5 m, width of about 100 – 200 µm. The number of lines are from 2 (e.g. twisted pair) to 128, with electrical shielding, too.

As well, this technology allows the realization of very thin, highly flexible microstrips, stripeline and waveguide structures for RF cables and interconnections. Narrow and well-defined lines and gaps enabled by the thin film technology and conductors enforced by Cu/Ni/Au electroplating ensure a remarkable high frequency performance.

Test samples: 10 conductor lines, total length = ca. 850 mm
Pictures: Details of right end and turning point