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SSI Best Poster Award 2009

Our Assistant R & D Manager Dr. Tomasz Debski was awarded with the Best Poster Award at the SMART SYSTEM INTEGRATION 2009 in Brussels.


Flex Technology for Foldable Medical Flip Chip Devices; IMAPS Conf. on Device Packaging, Scottdale AZ, March 17-20, 2008

Thin Film Multilayers for Integration into Flex Boards; Intern. Workshop on Flexible & Stretchable Electronics, Leuven, Belgium, Sept. 6-7, 2007

HiCoFlex® – an ultra-thin, highly flexible Multilayer; Smart System Integration 2007, Paris, March 27-28, 2007

Thin film resistor integration into flex-boards; 5th Intern. Workshop ‘Flexible Electronic Systems’, Munich, November 29, 2006

Ultra-thin, highly flexible RF cables; Memswave 2005, Lausanne, June 23-24, 2005

HiCoFlex® – an ultra-thin, highly flexible Multilayer; 3rd International Workshop ‘Technology & Production – Processes for Flexible Electronic Systems’, Munich, December 2, 2004

HiCoFlex® & RF

Ultra-thin, highly flexible cables and interconnections for low and high frequency; Micro Tech 2006, Cambridge UK, March 7-8, 2006

Ultra-thin, highly flexible RF cables and interconnections; Micro System Technologies 2005, Munich, Oct. 5-6, 2005

AuSn for Soldering

AuSn Thin Film Solder Layers for Assembly of Optoelectronic Devices; 14th EMPC, Friedrichshafen, Germany, June 23-25, 2003

Press Publications

“Wenn Blinde wieder sehen”. Ein Produkt der Retina Implant AG gefertigt mit HiCoFlex Folien der HIGHTEC MC AG